When a Performance Sells Out

When all tickets are sold for a given performance at the New Minowa Players Theatre, it may still be possible to see that performance. This is how it works:

First, we sell tickets for the 46 permanent seats. Those tickets were all purchased. Then we sell 15 tickets for folding chairs. Those were also all purchased. Three things happen on the day of performance which usually create available seats.

1. Many children choose to sit on pillows on the floor, freeing up seats.
2. We are willing to set up more than 15 folding chairs after the original 15 are filled. They are farther away from the stage.
3. Some people buy tickets and don’t show up.

We cannot guarantee that any of these will happen, but they commonly do. This is the process for being seated when no more tickets are available:

1. Put your name on a waiting list for a specific performance by emailing newminowaplayers@gmail.com. Please do this understanding that you will need to be at the theatre without knowing whether or not you will actually be seated.
2. Approximately five minutes before the performance, ushers will assign seats beginning at the top of the wait list.
3. Ticket price ($10 Adult, $5 child age 12 and under) will be paid when seats become available.