“The Crucible” Cast Announced

Posted: March 9, 2022 8:26 pm


New Minowa Players and director David Mendez are thrilled to announce the cast of their upcoming production of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible.” Playing the younger generation, many of whom become “afflicted” are Cydney Weitzel as Abigail Williams, Rebecca Kane as Betty Parris, Sarah Brandt as Mary Warren, Violet Hatfield as Mercy Lewis, Margret Zook as Susanna Walcott, and Hayley Stowe as Tituba. Playing the adults in the community, some of whom are accused of witchcraft, are Sheryl Scheffert as Rebecca Nurse, Rick Scheffert as Francis Nurse, Alex Rosenow as John Proctor, Aleesa Baakko as Elizabeth Proctor, Erik Johnson as Thomas Putnam, Molly Holkesvik as Ann Putnam and Sarah Good, Paul Fadness as Giles Corey, Elena Fackler as Martha Corey, and Sam Whitehead as Reverend Parris. Aaron Kvale plays Reverend John Hale, Adam Lenehan plays Deputy-Governor Danforth, Elena Fackler plays Ezekiel Cheevers, Mark Whelan plays John Willard-Hopkins, and Matthew Alexander plays Judge Hawthorne.

Based on the story of the Salem, Massachusetts witch trials of the 1690s, “The Crucible” examines what happens when a “civilized” community succumbs to mass hysteria. Themes of judgement, reputation, truth, individuality, revenge, intolerance, and good vs. evil thread through this classic play.

Performances are scheduled for April 7-10 at the New Minowa Players Theatre, Decorah. Tickets are available on the New Minowa Players website, newminowaplayers.org, and locally at the Oneota  Community Food Co-op.

“The Crucible” is sponsored by Decorah Bank & Trust, Family Table Restaurant, Gallery of Tops, Iroc Web Design Services, Pizza Ranch, Rockweiler Appliance & TV, Rick and Sheryl Scheffert, JoAn Stevenson and Steven Nelson, and Singing Hammers Construction.

Photo caption:

Front row – Margret Zook, Sheryl Scheffert, Rebecca Kane, Cydney Weitzel

Middle row – Rick Scheffert, Molly Holkesvik, Sarah Brandt, Aaron Kvale, Elena Fackler, Aleesa Baakko, Sam Whitehead

Back row – Paul Fadness, Erik Johnson, Alex Rosenow, Adam Lenehan, Matthew Alexander

Not pictured – Violet Hatfield, Hayley Stowe, Mark Whelan