COVID-19 Protocol for Actors and Crew

Posted: April 18, 2022 7:44 pm


New Minowa Players (NMP) values the health and safety of all of our volunteers. To that end, the following procedures and protocols will be adhered to by all cast and crew members while on-site at NMP rehearsals, performances, and other events.

  1. All cast and crew members will be asked about their vaccination status against COVID-19 prior to joining the production. This process will rely on self-reporting; no representative of NMP will ask for proof of vaccination unless it becomes pertinent to board liaison mediation.
    1. Answers will be kept anonymous outside of the production team, whose members will have access to the vaccination status of individual participants on a strictly need-to-know basis at the discretion of the director.
    2. Vaccination percentages (but NOT the specific status of any one person) will be provided by the director to the NMP Board of Directors.
    3. Anyone joining the cast or crew will be given the option to decline to provide their vaccination status. However, out of an abundance of caution, the production team will then operate as if that person were not vaccinated.
  2. The NMP Board of Directors will periodically consult reliable and reputable sources of COVID-19 data to track the risk level in our local community. Any restrictions or lack thereof will follow a three-tier risk assessment matrix. The following guidelines will apply to cast and crew members. Note that the term “fully vaccinated” as used below means that a person has received all recommended initial doses and subsequent boosters of a given vaccine.
    1. For cast members who are not fully vaccinated and those choosing not to reveal their vaccination status, masking is mandatory for all rehearsals and performances regardless of assessed risk levels.
    2. For fully vaccinated cast members, when risk is “low,” masking is optional.
    3. If risk is “moderate” all cast and crew members must mask when they are not on stage. Fully vaccinated cast members may choose to not wear a mask while on stage.
    4. If risk is “high” all cast and crew members must be masked at all times.
  3. Refusal by any party to adhere to these guidelines as set forth by the NMP Board of Directors will result in mediation with the assigned Board Liaison and possible removal from the production.

Download a PDF version of the COVID-19 Protocols