In the Pit

When we think of the word “musical” or “play”, our imagination goes straight to the actors onstage, singing or conveying their characters. And yet, these actors and their effect rely upon the participation of the musician, and the direction of the music director. These two roles are vital to providing a complete experience for the audience, and also make for great experiences themselves! For our large scale productions, musicians of all experience levels are welcome, with many different opportunities and instruments called for. For all our productions, music directors help lead any music-making, serving as guides and leaders in the artistic process.

If you are interested in becoming a musician or music director for a production, please contact a board member! They can provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.


As a musician, experience on an instrument is preferred, but not necessary. Our productions typically call for piano, violin, bass, guitar, and percussion, but others may be required! Musicians will meet for rehearsal at the music director’s discretion, but you can expect rehearsals to be the week prior to the show. Participation helps keep your musical skills sharp, and can provide an inspiring challenge!

Music Director

As a music director, experience leading rehearsals is preferred. You will be in charge of guiding chorus members, facilitating rehearsals with an orchestra, and/or creating a music soundtrack for smaller productions. We love working with music directors that have an artistic vision, and are great collaborators!

Musician and director in the pit