New Minowa Players welcomes donations of many kinds. People donate time and talent. They donate money, and costumes, props and other things. Below are guidelines about how to make some of the most popular donations. Anyone who has questions beyond what is listed here, or who wishes to donate something not listed on this page, should contact a board member.

Time and Talent

There are many ways to donate time and talent to New Minowa Players. Perhaps the most obvious is by being on stage, or by working behind the scenes on a show. Besides actors, each show has a director and a production manager, and some shows have a music director and/or and assistant director. Although it is up to each director to determine the needs of their show, it is also common to have the following other positions: costumer, set designer, light designer, choreographer and stage manager. And the person in each of these positions often looks for others to help them. For example, a costumer often wants help with sewing or mending or pressing, and maybe with other things. The best way to learn about the opportunities associated with a specific show is to contact the director. Please contact a board member to get connected to a director.

There are also ways to volunteer time outside of being involved in shows. There is organizing and cleaning. There are workdays for building maintenance and other things. Committees sometimes need members, and New Minowa Players is run by an elected board. Anyone interested in being on the board, or in being assigned to a committee, should contact a current board member.

People building Les Miserables set at Decorah High School.
Cast working on choregraphy


New Minowa Players is a non-profit organization and welcomes all monetary donations, both large and small. Besides simply making a contribution, it is possible to become a season sponsor for $500 per year, or a show sponsor for $100 per show. Becoming a member of the organization is another beneficial monetary contribution. Memberships start at $25 per year.

Financial support of $1,500 or more given by an individual, business, or in memory of a loved one will be given special consideration. An NMP board member will visit with the donor about their specific wishes for recognition of their generosity.

Costumes, Props and Other Things

Sometimes New Minowa Players is gifted with costumes or props. We receive many wonderful things, and are thankful for the opportunity to reuse what others no longer need. It is important to remember that such gifts may or may not appear on stage, and that our process, when we receive donations, is to evaluate them piece by piece as to whether or not they meet our needs and whether or not we have room to store them. It is our policy to pass along things that do not meet these criteria.

Members looking over costumes