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Almost, Maine Cast Announcement

Prologue, Interlogue & Epilogue Ginette: Jordyn Hussain Pete: Sawyer Vanden Brink Her Heart East: Steven Holkesvik Glory: Cydney Weitzel Sad and Glad Jimmy: Austin Olson Sandrine: Crystal Harrell Waitress: Violet Hatfield This Hurts Marvalyn: Mina Sahir Steve: David Mendez Getting it Back Gayle: Sheryl Scheffert Lendall: Rick Scheffert They Fell Chad: Hayden Carlson Randy: Billy … [Read More]

Audition Call for Mamma Mia!

NMP announces audition call for Mamma Mia! Spring is here, and summer will be just around the corner. What could be better than to imagine being on a Greek island, surrounded by clear blue water and catchy songs? New Minowa Players will hold auditions for the hit musical Mamma Mia! on April 6 and 7 … [Read More]