Tech Crew

The Tech or Technical Crew is a group of volunteers that work on the technical aspects of a production, from design to running the show, ensuring a production runs smoothly. Some of the responsibilities are outlined below (tech needs vary by production).

If you are interested in joining our tech crew for an upcoming production, please contact a board member! They can provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.

Tech Crew Roles


Design of lighting plot, running the light board for rehearsals and performances, assistance with hanging and positioning lights


Design of soundscapes for production; monitoring equipment during rehearsals and performances; conducting sounds checks; running the sound system during rehearsals and performances


Design and organization of all costumes for production; oversee construction and maintenance of all costumes; assist in creating, purchasing, mending, ironing, and washing costume pieces


Oversee design and purchase of all props for the production; create organization of props during performances; assist in locating, designing, and building props

Stage Manager

Oversees all technical details of a show; manages flow of rehearsals and aids director with any needs, supervises development of lighting, costuming, set, etc.; assumes full responsibility of the stage during performances


Design all the areas that actors perform in; assistance in construction, including hauling, building, and painting

Running Crew

Assist during rehearsals and performances with movement of set pieces, props, costume changes, etc.


This role is only utilized for select performances; oversees and controls the operation of backdrops and curtains during performances

Parent Supervisors

Needed when children are a part of a production; work backstage during rehearsals and performances to provide supervision and guidance to child actors

Snack Makers

Assist in creating or purchasing healthy, non-messy foods that the cast and crew can enjoy during some rehearsals and performances