Unexpected Moments Reader’s Theatre Audition Form

Unexpected Moment’s Reader’s Theatre Audition Form

Sample topics, if you are interested in writing:
Do not feel limited by this list.

Finding new places, Dating during the pandemic, Finding love in unexpected places, Saying goodbye to someone, Dying alone, The absence of funerals - handling grief without ritual, Drive-by birthdays, Weddings with just a few people in attendance, Creative holiday celebrations, Parking lot church, Doorstep gifts (meals, cards, notes.....), Isolation, Hermits - a new trend?, Losing sense of time or a finding new sense of time, New daily rituals, Mask mishaps, Covid hair, Changing bodies (weight gain or loss, fitness or lack thereof), Comfortable clothes (suit on top, pajamas on bottom), Hugs/touch.....how?, Essential workers/Covid heroes, The chaos of all working from home, A pet will solve it all, Living on Zoom, Virtual everything, Vacation/Alternative Vacation, Family, Work, Creative Ventures,Things that made us laugh, Things that made us cry

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