Auditions Open for My Father’s Dragon

Auditions for actor-puppeteer-collaborators are now open for New Minowa Players’ January production of “My Father’s Dragon.” Audition materials are available on their website,, and must be submitted by November 30 using this form.

If for some reason using the link above is problematic, please email director Sheryl Scheffert at

New Minowa Players is excited to expand their online offerings as they continue to pursue options that generate theatrical experiences while not meeting in person. All rehearsals will be online, and the video performance will be posted on New Minowa Players’ YouTube channel.

“This will be a unique experience,” says Scheffert. “Since different people have different amounts of social contact at this time, I want to work within the restrictions that are in place. Maybe housemates or a family will do a scene, maybe an actor will be working alone. There is a path, a vision, a script, but it is all maneuverable as we see who will choose to be involved and that their situations are.”

That maneuverability is possible because Scheffert wrote the musical. New Minowa Players’ January show is be definition “family friendly”, and is often based on children’s literature. This musical is based on the book “My Father’s Dragon” by Ruth Stiles Gannett, a story that is now in the public domain.

Audition materials are due November 30, Zoom rehearsals will occur throughout December and early January, and mid-January the show will be compiled and edited. The finished video will premiere on New Minowa Players’ YouTube channel Friday, January 22 at 7:00 p.m.

Any questions should be addressed to Sheryl Scheffert, director, at